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Cadence Niccum

My Story

Cadence Niccum is a dance educator, coach, choreographer and performer.   Dancing for 24 years, she further developed her education at Illinois State University, earning a degree in Dance Education and Health Education.  As a young dancer, Cadence competed and earned titles at various competitions throughout Illinois.  During her high school career, she was a member of the Minooka Community High School competitive dance team, while also continuing her training and teaching classes at a nearby studio. 


During her time at Illinois State University, Cadence immersed herself in dance, whether it was through performing, choreographing, taking class, or coaching.  Cadence was not only a member of the Dance Program, but also a four year member of the official dance team of Illinois State University.  Gaining teaching experience, Cadence was the head coach of a local junior high competitive dance team and taught at a well known dance studio.  Throughout her five and a half years, she participated in ten auditions for the Illinois State pre-professional dance company.  As a member of the company, she worked closely with her instructors and had the opportunity to learn from many esteemed choreographers such as, Stephanie Pizzo and Anthony "Ynot" Denaro.  


Continuing her studio experience, Cadence has taught at numerous well known studios throughout the area.  As an educator and choreographer, Niccum has had the opportunity to set pieces on the Riverside Brookfield High School competitive team and Orchesis Company, before earning her position as the dance educator at Huntley High School. Currently, Niccum is in her third year as an educator, coach, and Orchesis director. 

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