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Class Descriptions


Dancers will learn classical ballet technique and terminology. Ballet curriculum is based on Cecchetti method and becomes more complex as the student advances in levels. (Levels 3-5 are 1.5 hours).


This dance style fuses ballet technique and the passion from jazz. Dancers learn how to incorporate emotion while dancing in lyrical. There is a strong emphasis on technique as well as dynamics in the movement. (Starts at Level 2 & must take ballet).


Dancers will learn to connect mind and body in contemporary. This genre fuses several styles into one, making it very unique! (Starts at Level 3 & must take ballet).


Jazz will focus on learning how to improve performance quality and proper technique such as isolations of the body. (Must take ballet).

Hip Hop

This high energy class incorporates the latest styles in hip hop! From house to street dancing, dancers will get a well-rounded curriculum for hip hop.


Tap is designed to teach rhythm, sound and style. The emphasis of this class is to produce clear sounds while having fun!


Tumbling emphasizes learning tricks in a safe progression for each individual student.

Leaps & Turns

This class focuses on different types of turns and leaps. Leaps & Turns is great for dancers who want to focus on “tricks” or might be on a high school dance team!


This class is designed to strengthen ankles and work on ballet technique for dancers who are looking to go on pointe in the future. (Must take two ballet classes).


Students will work with previously learned ballet technique in pointe shoes. Dancers will be placed on pointe at the teacher’s discretion. (Must take two ballet classes).

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