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Encore Alumni Spotlight

Encore is so proud of our dancers for pursuing their dreams and following their passion!

Kevin7583(HResfinal) 2.jpg

Kevin Ivins

Chapman University

Amelia 2.jpg

Amelia Koren


Madi 2.jpg

Madison Segvich

AMDA New York

Neva 2.jpg

Neva Lang

Loyola University

Caeley 2.jpg

Caeley Ciesla

Grand Valley State University

Sam 2.jpg

Samantha Tannura

U of Arts

Erin 2.jpg

University of Wisconsin Madison

Erin Walsh

Cali 2.jpg

Hope University

Cali Smith


Grand Valley State University

Jenna Hoffman

Teagan 2.jpg

University of Cincinnati

Teagan Kubinski


CLI Conservatory

Makenna Didech

IMG_1834 copy.png

Instructor at Encore


Retro Photocentric Brunch Promotion Instagram Post.png
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