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Hailey Santore

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My Story

Hailey's dance journey began at three, starting at Storm Dance Alliance with directors Brook Langkan and Lindy Wade. She dedicated a decade to B-Discovered Dance Company under Brian Rabenda, mastering jazz, lyrical, contemporary, and ballet. Trained by choreographers such as Chad Mccall, Kirsten Russell, Emily Shock, Elissa Edwards, Matt Luck and Avnun Yakubov, Hailey's skills flourished. She spent many summers training  at Chicago's River North. Hailey was recognized with many titles such as Miss Junior Dance 2008, Miss Teen Dance 2011 and 2013 and scholarships from Jump Dance Convention,  Adrenaline Dance Convention and LA Dance Magic. She secured national championships in Las Vegas from 2009 to 2017. She joined Plainfield North's dance team under Callie Gliwa. Post-graduation, Hailey was given the opportunity to share her passion as a teacher at Encore Dance Productions.

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